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18 Nov

Winter Trucking Tips for Safe Driving

Driving during the winter months can be extremely difficult, and adding a big rig to the mix can make it even worse. This is because the time required to stop or slow down on the road increases, and visibility and traction both decrease. Having the right safety skills for winter weather is why D4 Logistics is one of the top trucking companies in Ontario. We work to make sure that our drivers know the right way to drive in winter weather.

Before Leaving, Check All Systems

Winter weather requires that certain systems work well. For example, ensure that the defroster and heater are both working well before you leave. You should also check the wiper, brakes, and all lights. Making sure the windows and mirrors are clean before departure can help maximize your visibility in poor weather.

Whenever you make a stop, you should remove the ice and snow from the lights and windows. Even with a defroster going, the ice and snow can still build up in these places. Having visible lights is important during bad weather to help other drivers working for trucking companies in Toronto to see you.

Drive Slower

Because it takes longer to slow down or bring a vehicle to a stop on icy roads, truck drivers working for transport companies in Canada should drive at slower than normal speeds. When the road is covered in ice or snow, sometimes the minimum speed limit may be too fast. Not slowing down is likely to cause an accident.

Leave Room Around You

It is best to leave plenty of room around you, in front of you, behind you, and even beside you when driving in winter weather conditions. The closer your truck is to another car or truck on the road, the easier it is for a potential collision to occur. If it is snowing hard and you can see the taillights of the car in front, you are most likely following too close.

Stop If Necessary

If the weather is very severe, you may need to stop and wait it out. Do not stop on the side of the road. Instead, find a rest stop or another location where you can safely wait.

Turn to D4 Logistics

Many transport companies in Canada can ship your goods, but with D4 Logistics Inc., you can be sure that we will take the utmost care while driving during less than ideal weather conditions and deliver your wares unscathed. We are one of the top trucking companies operating in Ontario because we take great care to ensure all our drivers are educated on the proper way to drive during poor weather. To find out more information, give us a call today.

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