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Shipping From Canada to the USA

As a full-service transportation company, we provide a broad range of services. Included in our portfolio is shipping from Canada to the USA. At D4 Logistics, we maintain a stellar fleet of trucks, have highly experienced and trained drivers, and a cross border shipping service that outperforms the competition.

With more than 15 million commercial trucks operating in the USA, and roughly that same number in Canada, there’s a tremendous need for cross border shipping. However, not all shipping companies in Toronto provide the same type and calibre of service that we do. We take immense pride in having expertise in this area, which prevents delays and other delivery problems.

Leading Cross Border Trucking Company

Ranked among the most trusted and reliable of all Canada USA trucking companies, we can customize a solution based on your specific needs. For one thing, we remain 100 percent ELD compliant. We also provide our drivers with specialized training. Regardless of the goods or the delivery route, this helps streamline the transportation process.

Cross Border Shipping Service

With a reputation for being one of the best cross border trucking companies, you can relax knowing your goods are in our capable hands. Some of the services that we provide for cross border shipping include:

  • Three-day Standard (Toronto to Dallas, Houston, or Laredo and back)
  • Two-day Standard (Toronto to Atlanta, Georgia or Birmingham, Alabama and back)
  • One-day Standard (Toronto to Cincinnati and back and either Toronto or Montreal to Dallas, Houston, Laredo, Atlanta, Birmingham, or Cincinnati and back)

When you need services for shipping from Canada to the USA, why settle for less than deserved. Contact us at D4 Logistics for a free quote and information on how we can help.

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