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What we Offer



Cross-border Ground Transportation

D4 Logistics (continuously exceeding expectations) is an industry leader with on time performance and dedication to customer service. Part of our core competencies surrounds continuous improvement on the most important aspects of our business which is servicing you our valued customer. D4 Logistics has ongoing capacity, be it North bound or South bound, Ontario/Quebec to the US, and US to Ontario/Quebec.


Specialized Services

Temperature controlled. D4 Logistics transports perishable or temperature sensitive commodities which requires both special equipment and expertise. Dangerous goods. D4 Logistics handles dangerous goods both in the US and Canada complying with all legislative requirements and standards. Flatbed. Flatbed services at D4 Logistics handle an array of oversized, right sized, specialized, flatbed loads, on a regular basis.


Warehousing and Distribution

D4 Logistics warehouse and distribution services are provided by our team of experts through an array of our valued partners.


Third Party Logistics

As trends have a tendency to move from dedicated (Asset Based) to use of third party logistics partners, D4 Logistics continuously attempts to work for our customers in staying efficient and yet allowing D4 Logistics to focus on the customers’ core competencies. Third Party Logistics is the outsourcing of one or many logistics services such as, freight consolidation, distribution management, warehousing and fulfillment, via the D4 Logistics networks