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27 Jan

Trends in Modes of Cold Chain Transportation for Your Business

As people consume more food each year, the number of companies needing temperature-controlled options for trucking is rising. Because the prices of refrigerated foods are growing faster than the costs of shipping them, providers of cold chain transportation are seeing higher profit margins. Now is a good time for a company to invest in a refrigerated trailer to operate in Canada and beyond.

Good Years Ahead for the Trucking Industry

Even though the trucking industry has faced some issues with the driver shortage and more stringent regulations, the industry is likely to get stronger. The demand for services provided by refrigerated trucking companies is continuing to grow. People will always need to eat, after all. One factor that may be fueling growth in cold chain transportation is the fact that the population in the United States is growing by more than 1 percent every year.

Furthermore, more companies are importing frozen foods into the country. Refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario are doing good business, as well. This is because more people have taken an interest in organic foods. Some consider organic foods healthier. These people prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables that require refrigeration during shipping.

More companies are choosing to purchase foods regionally. Of course, companies must ship these foods somehow, and a refrigerated trailer in Canada is a good choice. Many trucking companies find that more people need their refrigeration services.

Changes in Refrigerated Trucking Services

Even though more businesses are turning to refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario, the industry is also undergoing significant change. The demographics in the United States are continuing to shift. Some types of carriers can benefit more from this shift than other types.

More people are living in major urban areas. About half of the population in the United States lives in urban areas. These include areas in the outer parts of the country, such as California, South Florida, Chicago, and Dallas.

However, many farms growing produce are located in the center of the country. The role of refrigerated trucking companies continues to grow to send produce where there is demand. Placing a fulfilment center in the middle of the city can be good for companies that move the goods to the urban areas. However, for companies that move goods from rural areas to stores, this model is not sustainable.

Turn to One of the Top Refrigerated Trucking Companies in Ontario

When you choose to work with D4 Logistics, you will have a trucking service that stays on top of trends. We have a cold chain transportation fleet of about 40 refrigerated trailers, which are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling units. Contact us today to learn more about how we can ensure your goods arrive on time and in pristine condition.

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