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22 Oct

Electronic Logging Devices: The Future of Transportation Companies

Since the beginning of the logistics and transportation industries, drivers manually logged their on- and off-duty times. As imagined, this was a loose system that caused concern among lawmakers as to the safety of the drivers, as well as other people on the road. Then in 2017, the U.S. government approved a bill that mandated transportation companies to install ELDs or Electronic Logging Devices. Shipping companies in Toronto don’t have to comply with this mandate, but they will soon need to.

Not only does the Canadian government intend to mandate the installation of ELDs, but any company that provides shipping from Canada to the USA has to be in compliance. In other words, a driver can still manually log information while in Canada, but as soon as he or she crosses the border, they have to comply with U.S. laws.

On one side, there are a lot of advantages to Canada/U.S. trucking companies using ELDs. Because it limits the number of hours that drivers can be on the road during a specific timeframe, there’s less risk of fatigue. Driving a big truck with a weary driver is a recipe for disaster. With rest and a clear mind, drivers can focus better.

For transportation companies in the U.S., adhering to the new regulation keeps them compliant. As a result, there are no hefty penalties to worry about or even worse, having a business shut down. Once the Canadian government creates its own laws on ELDs, shipping companies in Toronto that also comply will avoid potential problems associated with non-compliance.

Then there’s the side of concern. While the focus of ELDs is to enhance safety on the road, some companies that provide shipping from Canada to the USA worry they won’t be able to accommodate their customers. With restricted driving times and mandated breaks, drivers won’t have carte blanc to drive as long or often as they’ve done. For that reason, some companies will struggle.

Although shipping companies in Toronto have a valid point, there are viable solutions. For example, they’ll need to implement state-of-the-art technologies that improve logistics. Through better loading and unloading practices and enhanced logistics, these companies can continue offering services without compromising on quality.

Once the law changes in Canada, transport companies have an opportunity to make adjustments that streamline the shipping process. That way, they can keep taking goods across the border without skipping a beat. Ultimately, customers will receive their shipments on time.

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