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20 May

Why C-TPAT Certification for a Logistics Company Is Vital

The top-rated transport companies in Ontario maintain many different types of certifications. Without them, they wouldn’t stay in operation very long. Although the government mandates most of these, some companies acquire them on a voluntary basis. This is the case for the C-TPAT certification. Typically, big transport companies have this, but due to its increasing importance, it’s also sought after by small and middle-sized trucking companies in Toronto.

What Is a C-TPAT Certification?

In layman’s terms, C-TPAT is the acronym for the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. As a voluntary program for supply chain security, this is one of the many tools used by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The goal is to improve the security of supply chains for private companies, specifically focusing on terrorism.

Need for C-TPAT Certification?

Considering that trucking companies in Toronto haul goods across the U.S. and Canadian border on a daily basis, this certification provides them with enhanced protection. Not only do transportation companies worry about terrorism, but also the customers who use their services. Even companies on the receiving end of goods have concerns. Having the C-TPAT certification gives everyone peace of mind.

Just like big trucking companies, smaller ones with this certification can use it as part of their marketing strategy. By showing both potential and existing customers they genuinely care, more businesses feel comfortable working with small to medium-sized transport companies in Ontario.

The way the C-TPAT certification works is by protecting the supply chain of private companies, identifying gaps in security, and implementing best practices. The bottom line is it covers specific measures that bolster overall safety. Trucking companies in Toronto that are C-TPAT members are deemed as a lower risk compared to those without the certification. That means when going through a port of entry, officials will likely scrutinize non-members more.

Key Benefits of C-TPAT Certification

Beyond what’s mentioned, there are many additional benefits of looking only at transport companies in Ontario with this certification. These include:

  • A fewer number of CBP examinations
  • Less wait time while crossing the border
  • Moving to the front of the line for inspections
  • Potential of being exempted from the Stratified Exams
  • Assigned a supply chain security specialist
  • Access to the C-TPAT online portal, which includes a vast number of training materials
  • Access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) lanes when at the border
  • Priority for getting the trucking company back in operation following a terrorist attack or natural disaster
  • Given priority consideration at the Centers of Excellence and Expertise
  • Eligible to participate as an importer in the Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA)
  • Eligible for other U.S. government-backed pilot programs such as the Secure Supply Chain associated with the Food and Drug Administration

Looking at everything as a whole, it’s obvious that C-TPAT certification gives small, medium-sized, and big transport companies a significant advantage over non-members. Because these companies run safer and more efficiently, they provide a much better service to their customers.

Overall, C-TPAT certification gives trucking companies in Ontario the opportunity to take an active role with the U.S. government in the fight against the growing threat of terrorism. A side benefit of this is that partners can see their own security weaknesses. Identifying issues quickly allows them to take the appropriate corrective action to avoid risks.

Standing Strong for Our Customers

D4 Logistics maintains C-TPAT certification as part of our overall effort to provide our customers with exceptional service. For information about all our trucking solutions, give us a call.

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