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19 Jun

Top Trends in the Transportation Industry 2019

The transportation industry is one that goes through a lot of changes. Although Ontario trucking companies continue to provide many of the same types of services, most of them have adopted unique approaches to how they serve customers. This is one reason why spending time researching different transport companies in Ontario is so important.

By understanding trends for 2019, you’ll have a much easier time making the right selection among the various logistics companies in Ontario.


The most reputable Ontario trucking companies know there’s no such thing as identical customers. Some of this has to do with the fact that every industry has a unique requirement. For instance, one customer might need refrigeration for the goods they ship while others need a truck capable of handling an oversized load.

To better serve customers, the best transport companies in Ontario have started to gather more and different information. Using that, they can devise a plan that fits each customer’s specifications. As part of customisation, they also take budgets into consideration. With everything combined, transporters give customers more of what they actually want and need.

Data Analysis

Speaking of information, another trend for Ontario trucking companies has to do with how they handle big data and the way it impacts the supply chain. This entails garnering information, analysing it, and then performing an interpretation. By looking at risks, the cost of logistics, and even manufacturing expenses, these companies have the opportunity to help their customers make better-informed decisions.

Innovative Strategies

You’ll even find that logistics companies in Ontario rely more on professionals in both supply chain and trade compliance as a way of rethinking and reworking strategies. Primarily, they’re looking for ways that reduce operational risk. In addition, transporters now strive to mitigate tariffs and deal with uncertainties within the industry. As a result, these companies can provide a more streamlined service while saving the customer money.

Faster Delivery

As the need for faster delivery intensifies, you’ll see a new trend this year that applies to both brick and mortar and e-commerce sales. End users want to receive goods quickly, which puts a lot of pressure on businesses. In response to this, Ontario trucking companies have started to create methods that meet customer demand but without compromising on the overall buying experience.

Adopting and Implementing Change

At D4 Logistics, we understand how critical it is to pay attention to annual trends. For that reason, we proudly adopt and implement change that ultimately benefits our customers. Our goal is to provide the best transportation services possible. We invite you to visit our website or give us a call to learn more or to discuss your upcoming needs.

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