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17 Jul

The Evolution of Temperature-controlled Transport in Ontario

When researching different refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario, you need to focus on three specific things. First, select a company that utilizes state-of-the-art temperature-controlled trucks. Second, make sure it has proper insurance. Third, look at its record for on-time deliveries and satisfied customers. As you can imagine, transporting perishables is a completely different ballgame.

Yes, there are a lot of refrigerated trucking companies that serve customers in Ontario. However, that doesn’t mean they all provide the same calibre of service. Although all three factors are important, perhaps the most critical is choosing a company with top-quality equipment. After all, temperature-controlled trucks have gone through tremendous change over the years.

When transporting food, plants, biological samples, prescription medications, or other perishable items, it’s vital for refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario to achieve and maintain a precise temperature. Not only does the right company address this issue, but it also accounts for things like climate change, power outage, and even regulations when crossing the border.

The top refrigerated trucking companies have made dramatic changes for the better. For instance, 20 years ago, trucks relied on expanded polyurethane and polystyrene to keep products cold. More commonly known as “Styrofoam,” this type of insulating system could only maintain a temperature range between plus 2-degrees and plus 8-degrees Celsius for a short amount of time.

A few years later, refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario began to use a different packaging solution in the form of phase change materials or PCMs. Not only did this have a broader controlled temperature range of minus 35-degrees to plus 25-degrees Celsius, but it could also keep items cold longer. One reason was the outer protective membrane. It didn’t take long for this to become the preferred method of shipping refrigerated items.

Another change consists of evaporative cooling. This revolutionary system is ideal for packages transported via temperature-controlled trucks. In this case, a container of water evaporates when pierced. As a result, it absorbs heat and keeps the shipment cold. Then there’s liquid nitrogen, perhaps one of the most impressive of all changes. The reason? It can keep items as cold as minus 196-degrees Celsius, which is imperative for live tissue samples.

Excellent Fleet and Careful Monitoring

Even when using the best method of keeping temperature-controlled trucks cold for a long period, it’s vital to maintain an excellent fleet and perform constant monitoring. Obviously, the trucks have to be of superior quality. As for monitoring, this has become a huge part of the success achieved by the most reputable refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario. With this, drivers receive alerts for even the slightest change in temperature.

Outstanding Service

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