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26 Aug

Temperature Guidelines for Sensitive Goods in Long-Distance Transportation

If you’re researching different refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario for a long-distance haul, it’s critical that you look only at those with temperature-controlled trucks that meet strict standards. Otherwise, you take a risk as to whether your perishables will arrive healthy and safe.

Regardless if you ship plants, biological samples, medicine, or food, you can’t afford to hire just any of the refrigerated trucking companies in Canada — you must be selective. A reputable company that transports climate-sensitive products long-distance maintains a fleet of superior quality trucks. Depending on your specific needs, the company will choose the right one.

These temperature-controlled trucks can stay as cold as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. They have specially designed cooling units that maintain the appropriate temperature, again based on the type of goods that you need transported. A reputable transport and logistics company will also load each truck in a way that prevents items from jostling around, thereby reducing further risk of damage.

Helpful Guidelines

Remember, when hiring a leader among refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario, a representative will assign the correct truck for transporting your goods. However, the following are some examples of the guidelines followed.

Frozen Foods

  • Ice and ice cream — Minus 13 degrees F
  • Deep frozen foods like fish — Minus 4 degrees F
  • Butter and edible fats — Plus 6.8 degrees F
  • Egg products, poultry, and game — Plus 10.4 degrees F
  • Meat — Plus 14 degrees F

You can rely on temperature-controlled trucks for chilling products as well. This includes things like pre-packaged foods, shellfish, and fresh pastries. For this, the correct truck would maintain a temperature anywhere from plus 35.6 to 39.2 degrees F.

The Importance of Safety

Regardless of which refrigerated trucking companies in Ontario you consider, they can provide you with details about their fleet and the temperatures that each truck maintains. Of course, some of the responsibility of your goods arriving safely falls back on you. That means packaging the items according to current standards. That combined with having them transported by a trusted shipping company will give you the peace of mind needed.

Turn to a Trusted Source

At D4 Logistics, we take immense pride in all the services we provide. As part of that, we have an outstanding fleet of temperature-controlled trucks, ideal for both local and long-distance deliveries. While there are many refrigerated trucking companies in Canada, we are your most reliable source. Call today.

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